3 Reasons Why Laser Liposuction is Better

20 Dec 3 Reasons Why Laser Liposuction is Better

laser liposuctionLiposuction procedures have come a long way in the last decade. Here in Long Beach, our cosmetic dermatologists recommend laser liposuction over the traditional way for several reasons.

Less Invasive
Traditional liposuction involves making bigger incisions compared to incisions needed for laser liposuction. The reason for this is that with traditional liposuction, the doctor would have to use metal tubes to help suck out tissues and fat. With laser liposuction in Long Beach, the doctor would only need smaller incisions to insert the cannula, which has a laser inside it that melts the fat before they are sucked out of the body.

Heals Faster
Being less invasive, the time needed to recuperate from this process is shorter compared to the traditional liposuction Long Beach residents have been familiar with. This means that if you are a busy person, you can be back on your feet and go about your daily workload in as little as two days. This is made possible by laser liposuction in Long Beach having the advantage of cleanly melting fats and not taking out whole tissue masses. This means less bruising and less blood as the wounds are cauterized by the energy from the laser.

Less Sagging
Some people who underwent traditional liposuction usually have to undergo further surgery because they are left with sagging skin. If you already have loose skin before traditional liposuction, this problem could only get worse. With laser liposuction, the energy from the laser would encourage the production of collagen. This helps the skin’s elasticity. Apart from reducing the risk of needing a secondary surgery, laser liposuction also makes your skin look better after the procedure.

With these distinct advantages over the traditional liposuction procedure, it is easy to see why Long Beach residents should choose laser liposuction. Talk with your dermatologist in Long Beach to see if laser liposuction is right for you.

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