5 Foods to Avoid During the Holiday Season for Healthy Skin

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09 Dec 5 Foods to Avoid During the Holiday Season for Healthy Skin

When gathered around a table laden with delicious food, it can be difficult to avoid temptation, especially when it’s the holiday season and the dishes only make an appearance once a year. But filling up too much on some of the most popular holiday treats may have consequences — and not only on your waistline, but on your skin.

  1. Eggnog

Most people already know that eggnog isn’t the healthiest drink out there, as it’s packed with cream, sugar and nearly 20 grams of fat and sugar. But it’s not just that — some studies have shown an association between dairy consumption and acne. While it’s not proven that dairy consumption directly causes acne, those that suffer from it may want to avoid the eggnog this year.

  1. Candied yams

While yams on their own are good sources of vitamin C, fiber, potassium and other vitamins, the amount of sugar and butter (and marshmallows!) in this holiday dish outweigh the benefits. Research has shown that consistently consuming too much sugar can age skin, causing wrinkles and dullness. This occurs through glycation, where glucose and fructose (i.e. sugars) link amino acids in the skin’s collagen and elastin — too much sugar may speed up this process, potentially aging the skin.

  1. Alcohol

Keeping your skin hydrated is key to keeping it healthy. Alcohol, however, actually pulls out much-needed water from your skin. It also causes inflammation in the skin, leading to causes discoloration and wrinkles. Alcohol also enlarges blood vessels, which can lead to the telltale reddish tinge on the skin.

  1. Gravy

You smother it on everything: mashed potatoes, turkey, bread and sometimes even the vegetables. Though gravy certainly makes everything tastier, it’s a loaded with salt. Salt can cause skin to retain water, which, in turn, causes swelling. Swelling on the face is most noticeable under the eyes.

  1. Pie

You should save some room for dessert — but not too much room! Just like the candied yams, pie often features “heathy” fruits, but they’re coated in sugar and butter and are high in fat. Research has shown that while fat may not directly cause acne, there is some connection.

It’s all right to treat yourself once in a while, particularly during the holiday season. Going overboard on some of these holiday indulgences, however, can have a negative impact on your skin.

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