Acne Scarring

08 Apr Acne Scarring

acne-freeThe types of acne treatment proceduresto get rid of acne are abundant and highly effective. However, when it comes to treating acne scars, treatments that give significant improvement are more difficult to achieve. Decreasing acne scarring includes the rebuilding of collagen in the depressed areas of the scars or involves the smoothing of uneven skin surfaces that result from ice pick scars or raised keloid scars.

If patients receive early acne treatment while acne is still active, scarring is less likely to occur. This isn’t always possible and acne scar treatments must be implemented if the appearance of the acne scars are bothersome to the patient. A few different treatments here available at Ulmer and Wu Dermatology in Long Beach.

  • Dermabrasion – This abrasive technique uses a rotary instrument to remove layers of skin with the intention of smoothing the skin’s uneven surface.
  • Punch Excision or Replacement Graft – This technique targets individual “ice pick” scars. Each scar is “excised” down to the subcutaneous fat layer. The resulting hole from the excision is filled with punched skin that is glued or sutured at the skin level to appear even and identical to surrounding skin. The hole is also sometime closed with sutures or with a skin graft. Punch excision works well on deeper ice pick scars that may not respond to dermabrasion or chemical peels.
  • Subcision – This unique technique involves using a probe to separate scarred skin from unscarred skin. This elevates the depressed ice pick-type scars. Sometimes a filler is placed between the scarred and unscarred layers if the scar needs additional assistance to fully elevate itself at a level that is even with the rest of the surrounding skin.
  • Soft Tissue Fillers – Just as described in the subcision technique above, fillers are often injected below the surface of the skin to elevate a depressed ice pick scar after the subcision process is complete. Soft tissue fillers may also be used alone with a subcision procedure.
  • Chemical Peels – This technique is both an acne treatment and scar treatment. Mild acne scars and certain types of acne respond well to the application of a chemical solution to the skin to peel away layers of skin. After a chemical peel, newly refreshed skin surfaces, revealing a glowing complexion that improves conditions such as acne.
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