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28 Sep Acne Solutions

Acne Free in Long BeachFew people escape adolescence with a pimple or two. But for some, acne can make their lives miserable, even in adulthood.
Fortunately, there are many acne solutions now to help control the condition, from topical applications to oral drugs and even acne laser treatments.
For acne sufferers who live in Long Beach, acne solutions offered by Ulmer and Wu Dermatology can provide the highest level of acne treatment, helping prevent scarring and teaching patients how to maintain good results.
Dramatic before and after photos of actual patients can be viewed on Ulmer and Wu Dermatology’s Web site in the Photo Gallery section.
Acne begins with the plugging of the pores on the face, neck, chest, chest and back. One of the major goals of acne treatment is to normalize the growth of skin around the pores on these parts of the body, so they remain open. When this basic acne solution is successfully implemented, patients typically experience an 85 to 100 percent improvement of their condition.

Acne Treatments

The simplest way to begin treatment is with the use of abrasive agents to free the skin from oil and grease, to unplug clogged pores, and to promote drying. In addition to the scrubbing agents, drying agents are typically prescribed by a dermatologist, including benzoyl peroxide derivatives, sulfur and salicylic acid compounds, and retinoic acid or other related drugs derived from Vitamin A.
Topical or oral antibiotics are also usually part of the treatment regime. These help eliminate bacteria that can cause infections and flare-ups.
For severe cases, the oral medication Accutane® may also be prescribed. Please note that women who are pregnant should avoid this drug, since it can cause birth defects, and women who could become pregnant should exercise the utmost caution. Blood work and pregnancy tests are routinely required. Dermatologists, obstetricians and pharmacists can more completely explain the risks.
For residents of Long Beach, acne laser treatment using Clear Light phototherapy is a cutting-edge procedure offered by Ulmer and Wu Dermatology. These treatments can be effective even if traditional therapies have not worked. They work by increasing blood circulation and improving tissue oxygenation to reduce inflammation and rejuvenate the skin.
Acne patients at Ulmer and Wu Dermatology also learn about skin care and what they can do themselves – or not do – to improve their skin’s condition. Most people already know that attempting to excise pimples can aggravate the condition and may cause scarring or unevenness of pigmentation.
But even resting the chin, cheeks or forehead on the hands can introduce bacteria that lead to pimples. And oily makeup, heavy use of water-based or cake makeups, stressful situations, and fatigue can all contribute to acne outbreaks.

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