What Types of Dermatology Services Are Best for Certain Ages?

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02 Dec What Types of Dermatology Services Are Best for Certain Ages?

Keeping your skin looking as youthful as ever requires a good skincare routine that is tailored to your needs: dry skin needs more moisture, while acne-prone skin needs preventative maintenance. As you age, the needs of your skin change.

Sometimes that skincare routine isn’t enough. A quick visit to the dermatologist — at any age — can help prevent damage and revitalize skin with the right type of procedure.

In Your 20s

Less is more in your 20s, when your skin is still as youthful as ever. Protecting skin and preventing damage is the highlight here, but some can still benefit from acne treatments. If you continue to have acne flares, having regular acne extractions and a focused light therapy treatment like Clear100XL™ or LightStim® can reduce inflammation and bacteria. If your skin has been scarred from severe acne breakouts in your teen years, then a skin rejuvenation procedure such as ResurFx or Microneedling can help reduce the appearance of scars, enlarged pores and improve the skin texture.

And now is as good a time as any to check for irregular moles — skin cancer can affect anyone! For moles that are simply unsightly, getting them removed at a younger age can help with the healing process as wounds heal more quickly in younger individuals.

In Your 30s

Skin may just start to show signs of aging, but there is usually no need for intense cosmetic procedures. Instead, a chemical peel such as Jessners Peel can rejuvenate the skin, lighten brown spots, improve acne, reduce fine lines and brighten complexion. A deeper chemical peel, such as TCA, can be used for skin that has been more severely damaged — it can be beneficial to have this cosmetic procedure done at a younger age.

In Your 40s

Skin loses its elasticity and collagen as you age, and it is in your 40s when you may start to notice. Facial injectables such as Juvederm, Restylane or Sculptra may help restore volume to your face and reduce overall sagging, while injectable neuromodulators such as Botox, Dysport or Xeomin can dramatically reduce wrinkles and soften frown lines.

In Your 50s

Age spots, sun damage and deeper wrinkles begin to form as you get older, so more invasive treatments may be necessary to revitalize the skin. Photodynamic therapy or fractionated CO2 laser skin resurfacing can make it look like years have just melted away — smoother skin, fewer wrinkles, even skin tone and skin cancer risk reduction can all be accomplished with the right laser and light therapies.

As you age, a simple wash-and-pat-dry routine is no longer enough. The age you are affects what kind of cosmetic and dermatological treatments your skin could benefit from — and keep yourself looking like you’re still in your 20s for years to come.

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