Dermatology Services: What Do We Really Do?

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26 Nov Dermatology Services: What Do We Really Do?

What Is Dermatology

Dermatology is the medical branch that expertly deals with skin, hair, and nails, using both surgical and general medical practices. Dermatologists are the doctors that specialize in diseases on the skin. Many people with chronic skin conditions, like acne and eczema, visit dermatologists for treatment. People also visit dermatologists when they notice a skin change or want a cosmetic procedure to improve their skin.

Many general practitioners refer patients with a skin disease or skin concern to a dermatologist. There are dermatologists who specialize in the treatment of children, who are prone to hereditary skin conditions, acne, and infections. Some auto-immune diseases can cause skin problems, and a specialist dermatologist in this field will be able to help control the skin problems. Doctors in this field are responsive, well-educated, and can help put your mind (and skin) at ease.

Many People Believe Dermatology is “Only Skin Deep”

In a recent study by UC Davis, many people revealed a few misconceptions about dermatology. Nearly half of those surveyed believed dermatologists dealt mostly with skin cancer management, and a third believed dermatologists only did cosmetic work.

These findings are in conflict with the field of dermatology: dermatologists attend medical school and years of post-graduate work, just like any surgeon or doctor in a specialized branch of medicine.

What Dermatologists Actually Do

While many patients do seek cosmetic treatment from a dermatologist, there are patients who seek dermatology practitioners to help manage medical conditions and perform skin surgery. The UC Davis study revealed that only 10% of day-to-day dermatology is cosmetic — a stark contrast from what the public believes. While cosmetic procedures are important work to those who want to improve their quality of life, this is not the only thing a dermatologist can do.

Dermatologists are an important part of staying healthy, especially if you notice a problem on your skin. They don’t just make aging housewives look younger, they diagnose dangerous diseases, like skin cancers, and help treat and manage other conditions, like bacterial infections and eczema.

A patient visiting a dermatologist is also likely to get counseling on healthy choices, such as:

  • sun protection,
  • smoking cessation,
  • healthy eating
  • exercise plans

The notion that these doctors are only providing treatment of a superficial nature can scare away people who should be seeking treatment. A visit to a dermatology office can improve your well-being and treat skin conditions that are uncomfortable and unhealthy.

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