Do-It-Yourself Skin Treatment

04 Sep Do-It-Yourself Skin Treatment

We live in a world that has an obsession with whole and organic foods and products, and exploring these options for beauty products would make sense too. What better way to ensure you have only the most earthly products than to make them yourself, right? Well, wait a second on creating a Pinterest board of homemade facial masks and subsequently slathering your face with them. Today, we will look at the do’s and do not’s of homemade facial care.

First things first, there are so many options for recipes for homemade facial treatments, but not all ingredients are that great for your skin. Let’s first talk about products that can be very beneficial to you. The first two ingredients are aloe and honey. Not saying these need to be used together, but aloe and honey have both been shown to help treat wounds. They both are an anti-inflammatory and help anyone’s skin. Just like aloe can be used for a really bad sunburn, it can be a great ingredient in a face scrub.

homemade facial mask

A very important step in skin care is getting rid of the bad and leading the way for new fresh skin. That is why exfoliating is a must. Good thing sugar and salt make a great exfoliate. Once you’ve exfoliated and want to add some antioxidants, reach for a couple tea bags in the cupboard. These also can be used to de-puff eyes for those days you just weren’t able to get your 8 hours.

The next household product to toss in the mix of your facial treatment is oils. Oils are gentle on the skin and are good at treating irritations. Along with oils, yogurt can be a great base to a skin solution. It provides enough lactic acid to help treat some skin conditions and aid in wrinkles.

While we’ve got a good idea of some products to keep in the mix, let’s look at some to keep for other purposes and not on your skin. The first of these is citrus. While it does sound refreshing to squeeze a few lemons into your facemask, it could end up irritating your skin. It also makes you much more sensitive to light, so if you end up out in the sun after application it could cause a pretty nasty burn. While you are keeping the citrus off your skin, do the same with spices. These are also often harsh on your skin and can cause more irritation on your skin.

In some recipes you may also see egg whites. One good thing about these is that help tighten skin, and can help with oily skin. But be wary working with raw egg, as most of us know, salmonella is always a risk factor.

Now you have some basic guidelines of things to keep in mind with do it yourself facial solutions, so Google and Pinterest away. But also keep in mind you aren’t breaking all the rules if you grab your facial treatments from the drugstore. If you choose not to become your own product maker, just make sure you are getting products that have more natural ingredients.

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