Eating for Healthy Skin

07 May Eating for Healthy Skin

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It’s no wonder that what is healthy for the inside of our body is also healthy for the outside as the saying goes. “You are what you eat!” The skin thrives on seven basic elements; silica, zinc, omega-3, selenium and vitamins A, C and E. These minerals and vitamins strengthen the skin, add elasticity and moisture, flush your skin of toxins and help to repair any damage done.

Silica is a natural mineral that helps to strengthen the skin, Zinc helps to regulate oil production and Omega-3 Fatty Acids promote healing and help to maintain moisture in your skin. Selenium and Vitamins A, E and C act as antioxidants and work to repair damaged skin.

Below are the best sources of vitamins and minerals that lead to healthy skin:

  1. Green Tea – Green tea is full of antioxidants which help to reduce cancer-causing free radicals. Another benefit is the reactivation of dry skin cells
  2. Salmon – Salmon contains essential fatty acids and omega-3 that promote the health and strength of your skin cells.
  3. Blueberries – Free radicals caused by pollution and UV radiation attack skin cells and cause damage at the molecular level. The antioxidants in blueberries neutralize these cancer-causing free radicals
  4. Carrots – vitamin A is required for developing and maintaining skin cells
  5. Water – Water is probably one of the key ingredients that you need to have for beautiful, glowing skin. Drinking plenty of water keeps you and your skin hydrated which helps to keep needed nutrients in and flush toxins out
  6. Whole Grains – Whole grains can help skin maintain its health in two ways: high-fiber foods flush toxins from your body and the elements in many whole grains help your body retain its moisture
  7. Green Veggies – Green vegetables are excellent sources of many of the vitamins and minerals that we’ve mentioned but are also full of antioxidants and fiber
  8. Deep Red or Purple Vegetables – The benefits of eating these foods is that they hinder aging, strengthen blood vessels and skin imperfections as well as heal and even out skin tone
  9. Protein – The amino acids in protein create collagen, which makes your skin more resilient and clear
  10. Avoid sugar, salt, white flour, saturated fats and fried foods – they can trap oil and bacteria beneath the skin, causing acne and other skin ailments. These foods can also increase swelling and water retention

A healthy diet that is rich in low fat proteins, antioxidants, carrots, green and deep red vegetables, whole grains and an ample amount of water will not only make your skin glow but make you feel great.

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