Get Softer, Fuller Lips With Volbella

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22 May Get Softer, Fuller Lips With Volbella

Everyone wants that perfect pout. But because of age and simple genetics, most don’t have the lips they want—they are too thin or uneven, or they’ve developed unwanted wrinkles. Some eventually turn to lip fillers to get the look they want.

However, many of these potential patients are apprehensive when it comes to lip injections, fearing the all-too-common overly plump, unnatural-looking lips. But with a trained dermatologist and the right lip filler, perfect lips are possible.

How Do Lip Injections Work?

Just like other facial fillers, lip fillers work by temporarily adding volume to sagging facial tissue and smoothing the skin’s appearance; these injectables also soften the skin. The most common substance used in lip injections is hyaluronic acid, a naturally-occurring sugar that plays a role in delivering nutrients and retaining moisture in the skin. It forms the basis for many lip fillers, including Restylane and Juvederm, and because it’s a substance already found in our bodies, there is less likelihood of an allergic reaction.

When getting lip injections, patients can choose whether they would like their lips numbed before the procedure, either using a numbing cream or injection, to ease some of the discomfort. Lip injections, however, are not particularly painful—many patients report feeling just a small pinch. Some lip fillers, such as Volbella, already contain lidocaine to minimize pain.

The dermatologist will then inject the lips in various strategic locations with the chosen filler using a very thin cannula or needle, followed by a gentle massage to properly distribute the filler. This minimizes the chances of lumps or bumps in the finished lips.

The entire procedure can take anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour. There is minimal downtime, with some patients experiencing swelling, tenderness, itching or a few bumps, though side effects last only a few days. Applying an ice pack to the lips can help reduce or shorten the duration of these side effects.

Which Lip Filler Is the Right One?

Many lip fillers last up to six months, but with one of the most recent lip fillers, Volbella, patients can see results for up to a year—and sometimes even longer. Juvederm’s Volbella, created by Allergan and approved for use by the FDA in 2016, offers a long-lasting, effective way to improve the softness and fullness of lips.

The lip filler’s formulation, comprising a lower concentration of hyaluronic acid, mixes different molecular weights of the substance—leading to a longer duration but the same effect promised by the Juvederm line of facial fillers. In addition, the proprietary Vycross® technology delivers a smooth gel, helping to create a more natural-looking lip while avoiding the lumpiness feared by many patients.

With the Juvederm Volbella lip filler, patients can help lessen the appearance of vertical wrinkles in the lip, also called smoker’s lines, as well as create more defined borders and enhance the overall plumpness of lips. Coupled with an experienced dermatologist, Volbella can help any patient achieve the lips they’ve always wanted.

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