Holiday Stress and Skin Care

13 Dec Holiday Stress and Skin Care


It’s the most wonderful time of the year: trees are trimmed, lights are twinkling along the street, but, oh yeah, let’s not forget that your skin has delightfully decided to break out just in time for you to visit your family. The visit to your family the only time of the year they see your face and we want to ensure that face is glowing to its fullest potential. The holidays are a time for gathering and joy, but it is no news that they also cause quite a bit of stress, which then manifests itself in your appearance. The stress causes a negative appearance which then causes you more stress and possibly more negative physical results of your stress, and the cycle just escalates. Our aim is to stop that cycle, to do so, let’s explore the link of stress and skin problems, and then clear up the solution that will help you shine this holiday season.

According to a study by the American Academy of Dermatology, there has been a clear link between stress, anxiety, depression and an increase in skin and nail problems. So, what in the world is causing this? Well, the truth is, it’s doing it a couple different ways.

First, the pro-inflammatory stress hormones released by stress cause your skin to be more sensitive. For someone who suffers from rosacea or psoriasis, this can result in a new occurrence. It can also worsen the severity of their skin condition. This is similar to what someone who experiences acne will go through. The pro-inflammatory stress hormones can cause an acne lesions to become more severely inflamed, and increase the persistence of it.

While, actual hormones are a factor in this, they aren’t the only culprit that is contributing to your problem, you are. Well, we will cut you a little slack on the blaming, but when we as humans are consumed with other matters like the stress of the holidays, it is easy for us to neglect other parts of our daily regimen. When we are consumed with holiday plans like traveling we put things like diet, exercise and even skin care on the back burner. Just like with anything else, when your skin is neglected, it’s going to react.

Now we know what is causing the issue, but you are probably ready to mix up your solution. Just like the root of the problem was two pronged, your strategy to rid of your skin issues will also be. The first thing you need to do is recognize the stress you are under and work on mending that. Easier said than done, you just maxed out all of your credit cards getting your family matching FitBits for Christmas, how are you NOT going to be stressed? The key here is to take a step back and explore some relaxation techniques or work in some Yoga to your weeks. If you feel you need a little more to manage your stress, make an appointment with a therapist or someone who specializes in stress therapy.

Paired with this, make sure you are taking care of your skin as you normally would. Visit your dermatologist on a regular basis and take in any feedback they may have about your skin regimen that will help your skin be the best it can be now and all year round.

Now, go enjoy your clear skin and holiday festivities, your family is waiting to see your glowing face!

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