3 Most Common Areas to Have Laser Liposuction

10 Jun 3 Most Common Areas to Have Laser Liposuction

As liposuction continues to increase in popularity among existing cosmetic procedures, the procedure itself continues to evolve and improve. Traditional lipo is quickly being replaced by laser liposuction – a procedure that provides smoother results, less downtime, and less pain. Laser lipo is an all-around hit in the Long Beach and Greater Los Angeles areas.

Let’s talk about the 3 most common areas on which patients have laser lipo:

Abdomen Liposuction

woman's body after liposuctionThe abdomen region is by far the most frequently treated with liposuction. Men and post-menopausal women are the most typical patients seeking treatment for this particular area of the body. Most patients are satisfied with the results – especially in the case of laser lipo. As long as the fat being treated is not visceral (a type of fat that is located deep within the abdominal cavity), performing lipo on the abdominal area is very effective. This is why lipo is not effective on the infamous “beer belly” as this indicates a high amount of visceral fat stored away in the abdominal cavity.

Liposuction on Thighs

Thighs are a problem area that mostly affects women. Since women are more likely to store fat in the thighs, hips, and buttocks as opposed to the abdomen region that is common for men, pre-menopausal women are the most frequent patients seeking liposuction on the thighs. Because you can’t spot treat when dieting, the thighs are often resistant to diet and exercise. Lipo can help women achieve the smooth, shapely thighs they have always wanted.

Back Lipo

woman's body after liposuctionMen and women both seek treatment for the back or “flank” region. Usually men are trying to get rid of love handles and women are trying to smooth out stubborn rolls of fat that show up when wearing a bra or bikini – or sometimes without. For both men and women, back fat is usually resistant to reduction by diet and exercise, so lipo becomes their next option.

Other Areas for Liposuction

Some areas such as the calves or other areas containing visceral fat do not respond to lipo, but the ankles, upper arms, buttocks, face, and neck are increasingly being treated, as well. Men with gynecomastia often get laser liposuction to remove excess fat in the chest region.

Regardless of where your problem areas are, people in the Long Beach area are looking to laser lipo to achieve a better appearance and skyrocket their self-confidence. As great as laser lipo is, we still recommend that you try improving your diet and committing to an exercise regimen to see if you can lose your fat the natural way first. Lipo is something you should try only after exhausting other options.

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