Not All Skin Care Products Are Created Equal

01 Feb Not All Skin Care Products Are Created Equal

As any dermatologist will tell you, not all skin care products are created equal. If you’re taking time to care for your most important organ— your skin, dermatologists recommend taking one easy extra step to ensure the Long Beach products you are using are safe and made from premium ingredients.


Did you know that unlike recommended products by dermatologistswoman with freckles on face and arms, most commercial skin care products include preservatives? Manufacturers add preservatives like methyl and ethyl parabens to create a longer shelf life but the trade off is more than economical! Many studies and dermatologist patient experiences have shown these preservatives can cause allergic reactions, rashes or worse, interfere with the body’s delicate endocrine system.


That’s why Dr. Ulmer in Long Beach created the Prouvé Skincare System™ so he could provide his patients with a safe product that is also superior to commercial products — all at a fair price.


The Prouvé Skincare System™ offers a variety of products to choose from, including everyday products like gentle cleansers and daily moisturizers to more cosmetic agents like safe bleaching creams and acne products.


Many products in the Prouvé Skincare System™ also contain green tea extract, which has natural anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and anti-carcinogenic properties. The polyphenols in the green tea leaf are Nature’s secret for great skin.


If you want to experience the benefits of green tea, check out the Prouvé Calming Cream. The Prouvé Calming Cream has a high concentration of green tea polyphenols since it is fortified with a high concentration of green tea components. The antioxidants in the green tea create a calming and cooling effect on the skin, making the Prouvé Calming Cream perfect for individuals with Rosacea, sensitive skin or other redness.


Another great product, particularly for those who live in or near Long Beach, is the Prouvé Tinted Sun Shield SPF 30, a lightweight daily sunscreen that is perfect for our sunny Long Beach days.

The Prouvé Tinted Sun Shield SPF 30 is a unique melanin-containing sunscreen that’s free of chemicals and fragrances, making it perfect for all skin types, including those with sensitive skin. Prouvé Tinted Sun Shield SPF 30 is also made with only a handful of the finest ingredients, like Titanium dioxide and Zinc oxide for UVA and UVB protection, to ensure the product protects without irritating.

The Prouvé Tinted Sun Shield SPF 30 also pairs well with the Prouvé Ultra Light Facial Cream or the Prouvé Fortified Moisturizer. Used together, your skin will be nourished, hydrated and protected from the harsh Long Beach sun.

The Prouvé Skincare System™ is dermatologist tested, created and approved. All products in the Prouvé Skincare System™ can be purchased in the office at Ulmer and Wu Dermatology or can be mailed directly to a patient for a modest mailing fee.

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