Recovery Period for Laser Liposuction

18 May Recovery Period for Laser Liposuction

liposuction-silhouetteTraditional liposuction is being phased out for many valid reasons. The safeness, effectiveness and recovery time of this traditional procedure are inferior to laser liposuction and other procedures.

This new and improved replacement for the liposuction is the VASER® Liposuction System. This groundbreaking ultrasonic energy laser liposuction technology specifically targets stubborn fat pockets while leaving surrounding tissues untouched. The result is smooth skin and restored youth.

VASER® uses tumescent anesthesia (local anesthesia) so that you are awake and relaxed during the procedure, but you won’t be uncomfortable. Tumescent anesthesia works by numbing the area that is about to be treated with a tumescent saline solution that shrinks blood vessels to reduce blood loss and bruising. The wetting of this solution allows the fat to be more easily broken down with the ultrasound.

Using local anesthesia is safer than the typical general anesthesia used in the liposuction procedure most people are familiar with. There is no being put to sleep and very little risk of complications in comparison. This is the reason VASER® is considered to be a safer alternative to traditional liposuction.

Local anesthesia also dramatically decreases recovery time because you are not put to sleep and don’t have to go through the recovery process associated with this familiar form of anesthesia. However, that isn’t the only reason the recovery time is shorter for VASER® treatments. Traditional liposuction is notorious for removing not only fat, but also any nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue that get in the way. This causes increased bruising and damage that take extra time to heal. With the VASER® Liposuction System, you can be back on your feet and be completely pain-free in less than 3 days. Sometimes even same day recovery is possible, depending on how much fat was removed. Obviously the larger the area you have treated, the longer the recovery time. If multiple areas are treated simultaneously, recovery time will be longer as well.

The physical results of VASER® laser liposuction are vastly superior to traditional liposuction as well. This minimally invasive procedure provides uniform, smooth contouring with a small cannula that doesn’t give the uneven, lumpy appearance that is often achieved with normal liposuction. Only the pockets of fat that you want removed will be gently removed with laser liposuction, and nothing else. There is no worry of unnecessary injuries to achieve the look you want.

As you can see, the VASER® Liposuction System has more advantages than traditional liposuction and this is the reason so many cosmetic surgeons and their patients are turning to VASER® for a smooth, sculpted look that is gentle, safe, and hassle-free.



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