Sculptra vs. Laser Treatment

28 Mar Sculptra vs. Laser Treatment

How Sculptra injection facial filler worksThese days, those who are unhappy with the appearance of their skin due to wrinkles, laugh lines, or loss of collagen have many options to turn back the hands of time. At laser skin care offices, two very popular options are Sculptra injections or a laser treatment. Let’s examine the pros and cons of each.

Sculptra injections offer a wide range of benefits for those who want to restore healthy color and firmness to the face. Sculptra is especially effective on deep nasolabial folds, facial wrinkles, and contour deficiencies. Here’s how Sculptra works: After it is injected, it gradually replaces lost collagen or lost fat deposits. Because it works gradually, the results appear more natural and work with the natural contours of the face. In addition, Sculptra is safer than other fillers and even safer than facelift procedures because it is so natural and avoids the cutting of skin that is necessary for facelifts.

Like anything else, Sculptra has a few disadvantages. For starters, the results aren’t permanent, just as is the case with other fillers. Sculptra results, however, do last between 2 to 3 years. Since the results are gradual, you won’t see an instant improvement in your appearance; you must have a bit of patience to witness the results. Lastly, in the long run, Sculptra treatments will be more expensive than other permanent treatments like laser treatment, discussed below.

Long Beach laser skin care offers a wide selection of lasers that Laser procedures include intense pulsed light (IPL), clear light, photodynamic therapy (PDT), and more. Long Beach laser skin care has a variety of benefits. First of all, the results of a laser procedure are instant and permanent. Lasers have the amazing ability to improve the appearance of deeper wrinkles and scars, erase small blood vessels, and more; making skin look its best immediately.

On the flip side, laser skin care can be more expensive than a single filler treatment.

If you are on the fence about whether to try a laser procedure or Sculptra, a consultation here at Ulmer and Wu Dermatology can help you decide what the best choice is for your unique situation. Both methods have wonderful advantages. Let us discuss it with you in detail. Call us for an appointment today.


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