Show Yourself Some Love

14 Feb Show Yourself Some Love

Valentine’s Day is undoubtedly about love. We spend time, money and effort making sure those closest to us know how we feel: cards, chocolate and jewelry. But how many of you do something for yourself to show love? I bet not many. This Valentine’s Day consider putting you at the top of your to-do list. Many people, especially women, consider getting a massage, pedicure or manicure as the only ways to treat yourself to something special. But we at Ulmer and Wu Dermatology in Long Beach have some suggestions to pamper your favorite person – you!

That Face: it Shines, it Glows All Over the Place

A full face skin resurfacing treatment can help resolve issues with sun damage or wrinkles and fine lines from aging. What better way to treat yourself than to look healthier and younger with beautiful rejuvenated skin? There are a multitude of options for skin rejuvenation besides skin resurfacing though. Chemical peels and dermabrasion for more extensive issues or Botox, Juvederm or Radiesse for subtle but outstanding renewal. We offer many of the leading facial rejuvenation and skin and laser treatments. Most of these treatments take between an hour or two, have little to no recovery time and leave your face looking transformed.


A Day to Yourself

You can make a day of it at our Long Beach dermatologist clinic: schedule a facial and skin rejuvenation session and a consultation with one of our skin care professionals on how to maintain a healthy, firm appearance to your face and avoid further skin damage. You can end your Valentine’s Day pampering with the purchase of some extraordinary skin care products. These products are used for your face, eyes and lips. You can find cleanser, make-up removal pads, acne cream, moisturizers and more.

By the end of your day you will have given the gift of love to yourself: a renewed outlook on life in the form of firmer, softer skin. Love comes in all shapes and sizes but once we feel good about ourselves then we feel energized and happy, better able to deal with the every day stressors we face in our lives.

Long Beach Dermatology at its Finest

At Ulmer we have performed facial and cosmetic dermatology procedures on thousands of patients. Our practice specializes in patients that need acne treatment and help with acne scarring, various cosmetic dermatology procedures such as skin rejuvenation, laser vein removal and skin cancer treatment as well as liposuction, eyelid surgery and earlobe correction.

Ulmer and Wu Dermatology can also help you with cosmetic issues that may have been weighing on you for some time. Rosacea and Psoriasis as well as protruding leg veins take their toll on your self esteem. Our talented staff will work with you in a sensitive and professional manner to resolve your cosmetic problems.

The doctors and staff at Ulmer and Wu Dermatology are experienced, educated and highly trained. Call our dermatology office in Long Beach to schedule an appointment for a consultation today and give yourself the gift of love all year round!

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