Six Top Tips to Shave Less Often

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02 Sep Six Top Tips to Shave Less Often

All women know that shaving is a painful part of routine skin care. It’s time consuming, uncomfortable when the hair grows back and annoying to have to plan your outfits around whether you’ve had time to shave. It would be nice to throw on your bathing suit and head out the door to the pool without having to stop and worry when was the last time you shaved. Some women choose not to shave, and that’s totally okay for an individual’s personal preference! However, if you like the feeling of soft skin and the way your legs and underarms look after you shave, take a look at these top skin tips to shave less often. Incorporate these into your skin care regime and you will feel smooth and free!

1. Use Men’s Razors

Men’s razors provide more of a close shave with less cuts. They have a sturdier grip and the multiple blades allow you to get closer to the skin. Since men use these razors for their faces to get a close shave, think of how good of a shave you’ll have on your legs and underarms?

2. Keep Your Razors Fresh

This not only helps you get a closer shave, but it helps with not getting nicks and cuts on your legs and underarms. If your razor is getting rusty or there is a lot of hair stuck in it, you won’t get a close shave at all—which means you’ll be shaving your legs again the next morning. To keep it fresh, rinse it out every single time you use it to get excess hair and shaving cream (or conditioner!) out of it. Store it in a dry place so it doesn’t rust or get moldy.

3. Use Conditioner

Skip the shaving cream and use your hair conditioner when you’re shaving in the shower! The silkiness of the conditioner will make your hair softer and easier to shave, it will also allow the razor to glide effortlessly across you skin. Conditioner also keeps skin looking soft and healthy!

4. Go Against the Grain

Shaving your legs against the grain is a strategy that can help you reduce the speed at which your hair grows back by shaving against the way your hair grows. This ensures a close shave and you won’t have to go over your legs and underarms multiple times.

5. Exfoliate Your Skin

By removing dead skin when you exfoliate, it will expose small, hard-to-reach hairs that would be missed otherwise. With freshly exfoliated skin, you’ll be able to get a close shave, which should last a long time.

6. Don’t Eat Carbs

Wait, what? Yest! It is true that eating refined carbs can potentially promote excess hair growth, so say no thanks on that second helping of free bread at your favorite Italian restaurant. Also, the combination of having more Vitamin B6 in your diet and a lesser amount of carbs consumed can lead to a lesser amount of hair you’ll have in unwanted places. Who knew?

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