Skin Brushing – Yes or No?


23 Jun Skin Brushing – Yes or No?

Since the time of the ancient Egyptians, people have been practicing skin brushing. Never heard of it? Well, you’re in luck. Take a look at what skin brushing is and the pros of this ancient beauty ritual.

So what is Skin Brushing Anyway?

It’s a type of exfoliation that not only removes dry skin, but, if done properly, it also can help with blood circulation, your lymphatic system and reducing cellulite.

How does it promote circulation?

It increases the blood flow to your skin, and then the act of releasing toxins when you sweat is improved—especially if you eat spicy foods.

How in the world would brushing my skin with a brush help my lymphatic system?

Lymph circulates cells through our bodies independently of our circulatory system, and then cells returns to our bloodstreams through our heat’s valves. This is where white blood cells fight toxins and other bad things that can make us ill. If you brush you skin, it speeds up this flow, which makes a stronger immune system.

How would it support muscle tone?

It stimulates your nervous system, which activates muscle fibers, and thus, improves muscle tone. If you’ve lost a lot of weight recently and you have sagging skin, this could help.

Let’s hear more about removing cellulite.

Did you know that cellulite is a result of toxic fat build up in our bodies that wrinkles the skin? When you brush, it helps to tighten your skin and it breaks up the toxic fat build up. If you don’t have the funds for liposuction just yet and you want to get rid of cellulite, this might be a good first step.

That sounds great! Sign me up! What do I do?

It’s important you have the proper brush before you get started—a regular hairbrush just won’t do, and could potentially be harmful for your skin. Find a natural bristle brush at your local department store. The natural bristles won’t damage your skin’s cells the way that synthetic bristles do, like on a hair brush. Before you hop into your bath or shower is the best time to brush. The ritual requires you to brush toward your heart, while using small, hard strokes. Move the brush up your arms and your torso for ten minutes.

Things to Avoid

Wet Skin – It’s crucial that your skin is completely dry before you brush. Otherwise, dead skin cells will just fold into each other.

Your Face – There are many other options for exfoliating your face, but skin brushing isn’t one of them. The type of brush you have to use for your body would hurt your face badly. Your skin on your face is more sensitive than on your arms and body.

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