Skin Care for Men: Five Key Tips

19 Sep Skin Care for Men: Five Key Tips

We are far past the days of men using simple bar soap regimen to wash their face on a daily basis. Even the isles of drugstores are being taken over by male specific products. With everything out there it may seem a little daunting to figure out what the right regimen would be. So here are 5 key things guys should do to keep up their skin.

The first step in your skin regimen is to do a daily cleanse. Like stated before, don’t grab that boring bar soap. Generally a simple gel cleanser should work, but men tend to have large pores and typically more oil on their skin. So make sure you find a facial cleanser that is strong enough to cut through grease, but also gentle enough to be able to use every day without irritating your skin.

The next step in your skin care process is to exfoliate your skin. Yes, the cleanser gets all of that grimy stuff on the surface of your skin, but there is still the dirt and oil lurking deep in your pores. That is when exfoliating should come into your routine. Now this can be used just two or three times a week to help slough out all that your regular facial cleanser doesn’t get.


Now that your face is very clean, it’s time to talk about getting your moisturizer on. You are probably asking yourself why you are moisturizing after we’ve told you that you need to clean the oil off the skin. But after you’ve washed and shaved and all that jazz, you’ve also lost most of all of the water from your pores. A light moisturizer applied on a daily basis will add a little of this moisture back and leave your face less rough feeling while also helping slow the look of aging.

Now that we’ve talked about the face as a whole, let’s hit on some important parts of your face that need some extra attention. The first is your eyes, well, more specifically the area under your eyes. Because men age differently than women, they don’t get a slow showing of lines and wrinkles all over. Instead they get an abrupt extreme wrinkling around the eyes. To help remedy this, it is important to use an eye cream on a religious basis.

Coming a close second to the area around your eyes is making sure you are showing care to your lips. The lips are very thin pieces of skin and are very sensitive to burning and drying out. It may seem like not that big a deal to you, but the more damage and cracked lips you have the more you are prone to things like cold sores. And no one wants that. The good thing is that care of your lips is a very simple process. Just make sure you are using a lip balm with SPF on a daily basis.

There you have it, not so complicated huh? Now get to the drug store and stock up on your daily care products.

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