Stay Acne Free This Winter

24 Jan Stay Acne Free This Winter

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Acne breakouts can occur in any season, and the winter can be an especially bad time for some people battling breakouts because winter conditions can be very harsh to the skin. If you struggle with staying acne free during the winter, here are some helpful tips to keep your skin clear through the winter months.

Dry Skin Leads to Breakouts

One of the primary causes of breakouts in the winter is dry skin. In cold climates, the air becomes very dry during the winter and quickly saps the moisture out of your skin. It may seem counter intuitive, but dry skin can quickly become overly oily because the oil glands in the skin produce more oil to compensate for dryness. Between the irritation of dry skin, and dry skin producing too much oil, it’s easy to see how acne can develop during the winter.

Many people make the mistake of treating their skin too harshly in the winter months. To compensate for dry skin, they will go overboard on skin treatments, such as using too much moisturizer or too heavy of a moisturizer. This can also cause acne breakouts because the skin is not really clean or because it reacts to the products used on it.

Gentle Treatments Best for Acne Prevention

Instead of treating your face too harshly – washing it too often or using too much moisturizer – gentle skin treatments are the best way to keep skin healthy and clear during the winter. A simple skin care routine that includes a gentle cleanser is the best way to keep skin from breaking out. Avoid products with abrasive ingredients that can irritate the skin and actually make it easier for bacteria to get into the skin and cause breakouts. Also avoid touching or scratching the skin to prevent irritation and the spread of bacteria and skin oils.
Using a good moisturizer will help to keep your skin oils balanced and prevent the overproduction of oil, which can also provoke acne. Look for moisturizing products with simple ingredient lists, so you aren’t putting lots of extra chemicals or substances on your skin.

Other Ways to Combat Acne

In addition to taking care of your skin topically, you can make other changes that will help your skin stay healthy in the winter and throughout the year. Staying hydrated can help keep your skin from drying out, not only in the winter but also in the summer months. Try drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. Other dietary factors can also play into acne breakouts. Clinical studies have been looking at the link between dairy and acne, finding that dairy products can make acne worse in some people. Other foods may be triggers, so if you pay attention to your diet, you may identify foods that seem to cause your acne to flare up.

Changing your pillowcases regularly helps to prevent acne because it prevents oils from your skin and hair from building up and transferring back to your face at night. Stress is also linked to acne, and some parts of the winter can be very stressful, especially the busy holidays. Managing your stress through exercise or other healthy outlets can make holidays, or any part of the winter, more enjoyable, but it might also help you to maintain clear and healthy skin.

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