The Myth of Chocolate’s Role in Acne

24 May The Myth of Chocolate’s Role in Acne

It is a commonly held notion that chocolate, fried foods, dairy products and other types of food cause acne. In truth, the role of specific foods is controversial and still being studied. Chocolate is one of the most frequently blamed sources of break-outs, but should we really be giving chocolate such a bad rap?

While eating too much of anything (even chocolate) could certainly contribute on the onset of pimples, the causes of acne are a combination of genetic, hormonal, dietary, and hygienic factors. Improper cosmetics for one’s skin type can cause flare-ups as well and this is very common in women and girls who wear make-up on a daily basis. Stress is also a huge contributor to flare-ups. In some cases, it is largely unknown exactly what causes pores to become blocked and cause pimples to develop. It is not always a teenage problem as people of all ages get zits from time to time.

If after eating chocolate on several occasions you experience an outbreak or redness on your skin, it is more likely that you are experiencing an allergic reaction rather than acne. You can remove chocolate from your diet to test the correlation, but it’s best to visit your dermatologist or an allergist to find out if you have a food allergy, a potentially life threatening reaction.

If you are breaking out consistently, whether the break-outs are caused by hormones or anything else, it is in your best interest to seek out an effective acne treatment locally in the Long Beach area. Severe cases of acne are typically not going to quickly go away on their own. Teenagers typically “grow out” of this problem, but sometimes not for many years. Pimples can continue to develop well into one’s 20s or even 30s. There is no “cure,” but there are effective acne treatments. A dermatologist will be able to find the treatment that works best for your skin type, age, and personal preferences.

Popular treatments include topical creams like Retin-A or Differin and oral treatments like Accutane. Recently, abrasive treatments are becoming increasingly popular and effective because of their ability to remove oil, grease, and unclog pores so that drying of the skin is promoted. Sometimes a combination of these treatments may be used.

Chocolate is a comfort food to many. Know that it is unlikely that chocolate is the cause of your pimples. Now you can eat chocolate guilt-free, just remember to eat it in moderation like anything else. Consult with your dermatologist for an acne treatment if your pimples are out of control.

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