Tips for Reapplying Sunscreen Over Makeup


02 Aug Tips for Reapplying Sunscreen Over Makeup

Using sunscreen daily is a beauty step that no one should miss. Sunscreen protects your skin from the harmful UV rays that can accelerate signs of aging and cause skin cancer, provided that you use it correctly. Many people apply it once in the morning and believe they are protected for the rest of the day, but you should actually reapply it every two hours.

When you’re wearing makeup, however, that can be tough — unless you know the secret tips to reapplying sunscreen.

Give your face a good base layer.

After you’ve washed your face, slather Elta UV Daily SPF40 sunscreen over your entire face and neck (and don’t forget your ears!). Make sure to apply sunscreen close to your hairline, and don’t skimp out on your forehead and around the corners of your eyes. Apply this layer before you apply anything else to your face, including moisturizer.

Use a powder sunscreen.

For sunscreen touchups without all the smearing, carry a powder sunscreen with you. These powder sunscreens are mineral based and will also absorb any excess oil on your face, eliminating any sheen. and they often come in travel size with brushes for easy application. Note that powder sunscreens won’t absorb into your skin as well as lotion, so you may need to apply it more often.

Carry travel size with you at all times.

You’ll be far more likely to remember to reapply your sunscreen if you actually have sunscreen with you. Buy travel sizes of your favorite sunscreen or get a few empty travel bottles to fill. If you still can’t remember, set an alarm on your phone to give you a heads up when it’s time to slather on some more sunscreen.

Skip the makeup.

Give your skin a rest! If you’re headed outdoors for the day, it might be better just to skip a full face of makeup. Stick to mascara and a bit of lip gloss Elta UV Physical Tint SPF41(sunblock with zinc) (with sunscreen!) and you’ll be free to apply sunscreen on your bare face as often as you can.

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