Wart & Mole Removal

10 Dec Wart & Mole Removal

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Thanks to technology being at our disposal, we no longer need to put up with imperfections like warts and moles. While it is almost impossible to have a perfect skin tone and maintain it for a lifetime, you will be glad to know that our board certified dermatologists are making wart and mole removal an easy procedure for individuals. Mole and wart removal is becoming more popular in Long Beach and in other parts of the country.

Moles are not contagious and are often harmless, but some moles can be malignant (cancerous). If a mole’s appearance changes or it thickens it should be checked out by a board certified dermatologist. Skin cancer is a very real threat and removing the mole may be required. If you you have a mole that resembles any of the pictures below, contact our office immediately. Visit our page on moles and mole removal for more information.

Moles before cancer treatment

Cancerous Moles

A mole can also be removed if the patient considers it cosmetically unsightly. Sometimes, these skin imperfections can have an impact on how one sees him or herself. Lowered self-esteem can lead to other problems. There may be a surgical scar after the mole has been removed depending on the site and size.

Warts are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV). Warts are tumors but are very rarely cancerous. They are however contagious. There are many over-the-counter (OTC) products on the market claiming to remove warts, but many of them just don’t work. If you have a wart that you would like to have removed, contact our team of dermatologists.

Many people through the years have thought about having moles and warts removed, but never pushed through with the idea. The most common reason is not the money, but the fear that it would somehow hurt or that the procedure would be invasive. This is a dated belief that should not continue. If you have brown spots, moles or warts, we can help.

Call to schedule a dermatology appoint and ask about that wart or a mole that has been bothering you. Our dermatologists are experts at spotting suspicious moles and have extensive experience in mole and wart removal. If you are really serious about removing your moles or warts, regardless of whether it is for cosmetic reasons or otherwise, this is an easy procedure for our dermatologists to handle.

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