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If you are looking for an easy natural way to restore tired and aged skin and restore color and firmness to your face, but don’t want to have facelift surgery, Ulmer and Wu Dermatology is one of the top clinics offering Sculptra in Long Beach. Ask your dermatologist to see if Sculptra injections are right for you. Sculptra is a gradual anti-aging treatment that can last up to two years. With little or no side effects, you will look and feel younger and more vibrant.

Sculptra is a facial injectable treatment for deep nasolabial folds, facial wrinkles, and contour deficiencies. Sculptra injection is safer than other treatments such as facelift surgery and other fillers because it works with the natural contours of your face to restore lost fat deposits and stimulates collagen, as opposed to cutting loose skin.


Unlike most facial fillers, Sculptra works gradually to replace your body’s natural collagen that has been lost through the aging process. As a result of this gradual process, Sculptra creates a new look that emerges discreetly so that most people won’t be able to tell that you have had work done. Replaces natural volume and fat loss and restores elasticity.

Sculptra has been on the market as skin treatment for over 10 years and has been used in medical treatment for 25 years. Ulmer and Wu Dermatology has extensive experience and many happy clients. It is safe and bio compatible with poly lactic acid (the same chemical compound in milk). This is also the same chemical that is used in dissolvable sutures. Sculptra injectiond can also be used to restore volume deficiencies caused by genetics, illness, weight loss or previous face lift surgery.

Our dermatologists will consult with your specific needs and customize a treatment plan that works for you. Treatment sessions can last anywhere from five minutes to thirty minutes, and two to four treatment sessions are usually recommended, depending on your specific needs. One treatment series will last two to three years and the results will speak for themselves.

If you examine the effects of Sculptra before and after treatment, you will notice as collagen is replaced, it provides a foundation that restores the look of fullness and more natural, youthful contours. Schedule a consultation with our Ulmer and Wu Dermatology physicians to determine if Sculptra is the right injectable for you and the number of treatments that may be required to achieve the desired outcome.

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Sculptra Before & After Photos

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before sculptraafter sculptra




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