Leg Vein Sclerotherapy

Non-surgically removes spider and varicose veins

The face has an extensive network of veins and small blood vessels called capillaries.  Aging, sun exposure, and other factors can cause these vessels to become more prominent.  Breaks in these vessels, also called telangiectasias, commonly appear as spider veins or as red streaks or blotches.  Sometimes broken capillaries can cause a diffused redness in the skin, called erythema.  Rosacea is a common skin condition that is characterized by diffused erythema.  We use the Iridex by Varilite for small telangiectasias on the face due to Rosacea or sun damage.

Treatment of these minor vascular defects usually requires 3 to 5 sessions.  Patients do not have to change their normal routines before or after treatment.  Cold gel and ice may be used pre-treatment to assuage any mild discomfort.

See a video of the process.

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