Clear light

Improves acne, scars and overall skin tone

Clear100XL™ is the most effective dual-mode, spectrally-selective plasma light source for the phototherapy of inflammatory acne, acceleration of post surgery healing and the visible revitalization of aging sundamaged skin.

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Clear100XL™ uses high intensity plasma pure blue violet light for the fast, effective, and safe treatment of inflammatory acne. It selectively kills propionibacterium acnes bacteria and reduces inflammation usually with a long-lasting preventative effect. The unique blend of blue and narrow band near infra-red light is used for skin photo-rejuvenation and enhanced healing of injured skin, such as after skin resurfacing, promoted by enhancing dermal blood circulation and tissue oxygenation.

The Clear100XL™ increases blood circulation, improves tissue oxygenation and promotes the regeneration process. Reduction of pro-inflammatory cytokines by the light reduces micro-inflammation to promote better fibroblast activity and collagen repair remodeling. The enhanced dermal blood circulation plays a major role to improve lymphatic drainage – a prerequisite for quicker skin healing.

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