Superficial Radiotherapy


Excellent Cure Rates that Rival Surgery

Short Treatment Sessions

No Anesthesia, Cutting, Bleeding, Stitching or Pain

No downtime or Lifestyle restrictions

Super Cosmesis, no unsightly scarring

No need for post-treatment reconstructive surgeries

Superficial Radio-Therapy (SRT)

Ulmer SRTThe latest option for treating skin cancer, including basal cell and squamous cell and non-melanoma cancers, has arrived in Long Beach. A technology known as Superficial Radio-Therapy (SRT) is making a truly revolutionary and very positive impact on the care of skin cancer. Now there is a non-surgical option that leaves no scar or deformity. This treatment is ideal for cosmetically sensitive areas such as the face, nose, around lips, ears as well as hands, neck, legs and chest when scars are not desirable.  Areas of poorer circulation such as lower legs and patients on blood thinning medications are also ideal candidates.


SRT is an acronym for the underlying technology, Superficial Radio-Therapy. The SRT-100 breakthrough involves beams of low energy voltage that are directed with computer like precision. It has an ultra-precise alignment with results that represent an order of advancement over previous radiation processes similar to the advance of MRI over X-ray.

laser surgery and radiotherapy centerSurgery is an effective treatment for skin cancers, but it tends to cause significant trauma to the skin and underlying tissues, with the potential for scarring and at times, deformity.  Therapeutic low energy radiation penetrates just the epidermis and if needed, the dermis-the surface layers of skin. SRT delivers low energy photons that make the cancer cells slough off and die while leaving healthy cells intact. Low energy and multiple treatments create the least impact on normal cells and thus minimize any evidence of any prior abnormality.


Benefits of SRT

The SRT-100 reports cure rates of 98%, equal or above Mohs surgery.  The fact that it is both painless and safe, makes this an excellent tool. Each session takes less than one minute and requires no anesthesia, no injections and leaves minimal or no scarring and minimizes the risk of infection, recurrence and recovery.  No cutting is required, there is no bleeding or pain or bandages after a treatment. SRT is absolutely safe for people on blood thinners, pacemakers, diabetics or at risk for infection. It is also ideal for active people as no activities need to be curtailed to allow healing as would be for surgery. Patients can leave the office and swim, play golf etc. without limitation. Another great advantage is how effective it is in treating cancers located in areas on the face, eyelids, nose, ears and lips. It is very challenging to achieve a positive cosmetic outcome with traditional surgical treatment in those areas.

We are very impressed and enthused by this technology and know that it is the perfect compliment to our practice. We offer treatment options that few dermatologists can provide and we are proud to be the first in our area to do so. We are thrilled to offer our patients this new alternative treatment that provides fabulous results, and to be a center for other dermatologists to refer to for care.


SRT-100 Is Now Available at Ulmer and Wu Dermatology Contact Us today for more information.


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